2022 Facilitator CertificationTraining
Feb. 22nd - Aug. 25th 2022

For helping professions who want to have a greater impact…

Limited students reserve your space early!

This six-month-long certified and accredited practitioner program uncovers one's own embodiment of ease and resilience. It helps you start a business, and organically attract clients, feel confident working with these clients, and present to groups; whether that's as a coach, therapist, or facilitator.

Previous attendees have reported:

• The confidence to give one to one coaching to others,
• The confidence to present to groups of people,
• The confidence to speak their truth with authenticity,
• The technical skills to run a successful business,

  • Feeling good more often for no reason!
  • A MASSIVE reduction in mental noise!
  • Feeling spiritually fulfilled and open-hearted,
  • Being ‘present’ without having to mediate!

The practitioners' training in a nutshell!

The first three months is purely aimed at deepening one’s own direct experience of:
1) Our ’wholeness’ within, 2) Our connection to a deeper intelligence, 3) Knowing how the human experience is created and 4) The start of creating a life in resonance with our dreams.

In essence it will take mental blocks and misunderstandings off our minds and ‘lighten us up’ to live a more peaceful and joyful life. Why is this important? Because You have to be the change yourself that you are teaching others

Then we go month by month, turning our inner realizations into an outward expression for us to be of service to others whether that’s as a coach/therapist/health-professional or facilitator. We do this with super practical three day modules giving us the personal experience of actually presenting to live groups, practically giving one to one coaching sessions to others, and attending a fully comprehensive training in business development and marketing.

Your Facilitators

Rudi Kennard

Jules Kennard

Facilitating from the essence

This is the recording of a recent webinar we did around teaching from a ’space’ or ‘essence’ before concepts. About teaching FROM the understanding not ABOUT it. This recording offers a completely different paradigm to traditional coaching, a ‘presence’ based coaching more in-line with the original way of sharing the understanding before the fields of psychology or coaching. Enjoy!

'Within a year of completing the 2019 training' . . .

Here are a few testimonials from some of our previous attendees

'Within a year of the training I created a program that touched 1400 children, and recorded a video program for the public broadcast channel’

Within a year of finishing the training I had the confidence and grounding to become the ‘Curriculum Director’ of the ‘Wise Mind Project' and my team went out and touched 1400 children and 75 teachers. I recorded a comprehensive on-line video program to the public broadcasting network. The training I experienced with Rudi and Jules enabled me to reach beyond my personal limitations and create from the infinite source of divine intelligence. What a joyful, fulfilling journey it has been!

‘Due to this training I am now earning a living from something I love doing!’

Within a year of finishing the training I saw an uplift in my income, and I attracted more clients. The practical business support & knowledge in this training has now helped me earn a living from something I love doing!

'The program gave me the skills and confidence to actually earn a full time living from being a coach and working with parents and children’

Since I completed my training with Innate Evolution, my business has transformed in ways I could not have imagined. Rudi enabled me to feel confident as a coach and in what I have to say. Alongside this, Jules helped me to market myself in a credible and honest way which speaks to my clients. Since then I have built up Realisation Works, understood my ‘niche’ market, enhanced the promotion of my book and established a podcast series. The program gave me the skills and confidence to actually earn a full time living from being a coach and working with parents and children and I am growing into being seen as an important voice for parents and young people.

Enhance your professional skills

Overview Of Training

  • We create a monetized website for you! Or develop an existing one
  • Six 2-3 day training weekends
  • Monthly personal mentoring
  • Six one to ones (including 2 with a web designer)
  • Practice giving one to ones
  • Practice presenting to a group
  • Watch live one to one coaching demonstrations
  • Get comprehensive business development training
  • Learn how to grow your organic tribe, get visible and market yourself
  • Come hang out with us because it is just fun (and we tell jokes and do impressions- albeit badly

6 Reasons to train with us as a coach/facilitator!

1) Rudi trained with originator Sydney Banks and Dr. Roger Mills in 2003

2) Rudi has had more experience sharing the understanding to different populations around the world than most people in the community
3) Jules has a degree in marketing and was a business marketing executive for a Fortune 100 company

4) Jules had a profound spiritual awakening that carried her through the death of her daughter with compassion- she shares from this depth with the students

5) This course is certified and ACCREDITED with the CPD

6) We love people and genuinely want our students to thrive so they can pay it forward and help others! To us, there is no life more fulfilling than being of service to others!

2020 Student Video Testimonials


Author, Entrepreneur, Coach & Business Director

It is such a cliche to say it changed my life, but actually it has! I used to have a really busy mind and to much to do. Now feel so much more relaxed and free. I am not thinking iso much in concepts any more and just am ‘being’ in life. It is wonderful not just for me but for my family and children.

I love the logic and ‘wholeness’ of the understanding, how it unifies and simplifies many modalities back to an essence that takes stuff off peoples minds and helps them embody what it was they were learning. Also being able to articulate and share it with others. . wow!


Electrician & inspiring coach

‘People talk about the space before our experience theoretically but on this course we actually explored and experienced this ourselves and personally I feel more connected with everything around me, there is no better feeling in the world!!’

‘Not only did it deepen my understanding, but gave me the practical skills I needed to run a business and the confidence to coach others.’



Author, Speaker & Coach

My business was just thoughts in my head and what being on the course has enabled me do is actually do it for real! The training has now given me the confidence to write a book, do podcasts and get myself ‘out there’!

On the course I really feel I blossomed, I became more confident, experienced less stress, and anxiety, had more peace and relaxation, and I now worry less of what others think about me—life is so much easier now!

Real-life results | Real-life accreditation

This training awards an accredited certification as a coach practitioner. Our company is registered with the CPD an independent accreditation institution that shows that our course has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality and achieved professional standards and benchmarks. Successful completion of this practitioner training means you will be CPD accredited as a coach/facilitator.

2020 Student Video Testimonials


Transformational Coach

I now have a more loving and peaceful feeling inside, and that is what ripples out to have a deeper impact on my clients and those around me.

I feel more peaceful inside, I am not so reactive and allow myself to feel without judgement. I don’t see it as good or bad feelings, it is just experience allowing me to embrace my humanness and embrace life.


Coach & Trainer

I used to be daunted by websites and social media, I felt I could never do those kinds of things, now I have a website, I am on social media, and I have made some money, I now have the vehicle for my business in place!

I have been around the principles for eight years and have been on a lot of trainings, but none of them have allowed me to uncover so directly my own confidence to facilitate, to feel the trust in myself, and what I have to offer.


Lori Ann
Counselor & Coach

I have been around the principles for thirty years but the grounding, simplicity, open heartedness and depth of Rudi and Jules’s grounding in the ‘inside out’ understanding made me want to train with them. They emanate a palpable love.

I wanted to get my own private coaching practice going and have had so much help around my business, different ways to facilitate, and presenting skills and now I feel confident to coach, and run a successful coaching business.

NEW for 2022

August date in person with us in Hawaii (or virtual)

The August 2022 training weekend will be in person with us here in Hawaii! If you can’t join us you are welcome to live stream in – you just won’t get to swim with giant sea turtles and dolphins nor hang out with us on a white sand beach bathed in sun!

2022 Practitioner Modules

These modules make up a six month training in becoming an accredited coach practitioner. We embody what it is we will be coaching and with practical training in running a business; It is a very ‘Whole’ training.

Feeling innately whole, worthy and connected

MODULE 1: The Nature of Consciousness
March 5th & 6th

This month uncovers our interconnectedness within a universal field of creative, communicative, and participatory intelligence. We unify the ‘personal’ and the ‘universal’ to one whole that embraces and expands the human experience and collapses many different modalities and understandings to one simple and unified whole.
Benefits as a coach:
This module will help you work with people who come from different modalities like LOA, Non- Duality, EFT, Mind Technologies, Reiki, Psychology, etc, and help you help them in an embracing, relevant and meaningful way to them. It will also expand your own understanding as a coach to start working more via an in the moment presence with your clients. It will also help you ‘listen’ to clients in a deeper way and you will connect to a deeper resource of information.
Personal benefits:
Feeling unbroken, whole, connected, and experiencing a much ‘bigger’ perspective of life.

The end of self-judgment the start of an easier life

MODULE 2: The Nature of Experience
April 2nd & 3rd

This month will go into the nature of how we experience via perception (thought in the moment) and how higher frequencies ‘broaden’ our perception of ‘reality’. This will be an immersive weekend to help people experience this for themselves, which includes not only knowing HOW experience is created but experience an ‘expanded’ perception, in essence having a more majestic and spiritual now.
Benefits as a coach:
This module will give clarity on the 100% nature of how the human experience works, to be able to share with precision and clarity and be able to ‘steer’ your clients towards the root or underlying cause of what they may be suffering from or having issues about. It will also help you to talk to your clients or groups in a way that MASSIVELY relieves their self-judgment or negative inner critics.
Personal Benefits:
A MASSIVE drop in your own self-judgment and a big increase of an inner silence and resilience.

Creating a life in resonance with our dreams

MODULE 3: The Nature of Creation
May 7th and 8th

This month explores creating a life in harmony with our dreams and how from a harmonic resonance we do and can create a life we love living. It looks to naturally ‘seeing through’ thought creations (beliefs) that may hinder us and explains how our vibration interacts within a universal field and the implications of this to finally stop surviving in life to fully thriving.
Benefits as a coach:
This module will help you understand how we create ‘within’, and what those implications are in ‘the world’. This will help you empower your clients to insightfully see that they can un-create and re-create their own lives in alignment with their dreams and that they are powerful creator beings NOW—no matter what had happened or is currently happening. In essence, it is liberation in their present life.
Personal Benefits:
Consciously understanding our innate creative potential and insightfully living in a resonance or feeling of abundance that shifts and expands our focus on what we do not want to what we do want and how this natural reorientation flows us to a life well-lived.

Everything you need to know about starting or and/or developing your business!

MODULE 4: Business Development
June 4th, 5th & 6th

Did you know that 90% of new businesses fail because the owners do not have the technical/ marketing skills needed to run their business? This month we cover everything you need to know about starting or developing your own coaching business including:
How to get clients, how to monetize and what to put on your website, how to use social media then use it to grow your tribe, how to massively increase your email subscribers and social visibility, how to record great looking video and visual content, how to brand yourself and your business, and more!
For the last nine years, Rudi has run a six-figure income coaching business and Jules has a degree in marketing and used to be a fortune 100 marketing executive.
Benefits as a coach:
Learn everything you need to know about starting and developing your own business, and the practical skills necessary to create a lucrative income. This also includes monetizing your website and getting a residual monthly income.

Practice giving one to one coaching and deep listening

MODULE 5: Working with clients and groups
July 9th 10th & 11th

This month the students can watch ‘real-life’ coaching one to one demonstrations. Then the students will get the practice of actually giving one to one coaching sessions a number of times with different people. There will be feedback, advice, demonstration, and encouragement- not the ‘right’ way to coach, but an embracement of the unique individuals to share in alignment with their own authentic voice and style.
Benefits as a coach:
The confidence to coach/facilitate with one to one clients, present to groups, and practice ‘listening’ from a deeper space of insight in the moment. Attend live and watch actual one-to-one coaching demonstrations and uncover the silence within and allow that to guide and inform you in the moment.

Practice sharing the understanding to others individually and as a co-presenter

MODULE 6: Practicum
Aug. 13th, 14th & 15th

The best way to get better at something is to simply do it! This month is the ‘practicum’ where all the students practice sharing the understanding to everyone else, including presenting by themselves and co-presenting with another student.
Previous students on this module reported their confidence to present/facilitate to groups at the start of the program as 2/10 (1 being no confidence and 10 being the highest confidence). After the program, the average mark was 8/10 in confidence to share. That’s about a 400% increase in confidence to facilitate!
Benefits as a coach:
Confidence to articulately and authentically share the understanding to groups of people by yourself or with a co-presenter and feel comfortable sharing in your own unique and authentic
way. This includes being confident to create video content of yourself to share on social media in an engaging and unique way.
In addition to these modules, each student gets monthly mentoring with US Rudi and Jules (nope we don’t pawn you off to someone else!)—and a monthly webinar.

Everything you need to run a business!

On-line Diary: Clients can book with you on-line.
Take Payments: Clients can pay you for your services on-line.
Grow your list: The ability to collect and collate new email to a list.
Automatic Reminders: Your clients get automatic reminders of their sessions.
Testimonials: Let people know how good you are at that you do!
E-commerce: Sell on-line products/services with coupon codes!

Blog: Let people know what you have been up to.
Q and A page: Help others get to know you!

Everything you need to know to get clients!

We help you set up a business FaceBook Page, and know what to do with it!
We give you training (voluntary) on:
How to get get visible
How to attract clients
Using different social media platforms
How to find, create and promote your business
How to create content (video, images, blogs, products)
How to record great looking videos of yourself
How to use email lists
How to brand yourself and what to call yourself

Everything you need to know about facilitating!

Real life and live one to one coaching demonstrations.
Practice giving one to ones.
Practice presenting the understanding live, to other people.
Facilitating from a ‘space’.
Working with different populations/groups.
Sharing the understanding in a ‘neutral’ way.
Sharing the understanding to family and friends.
Working within businesses.
Coming from an authentic and human space.

Embodying what you are facilitating

Six-weekend courses (2-3 days).
Eight one to one mentoring sessions.
Monthly embodiment webinars.
Peer connection webinars.
Unite the personal with the universal as one.
Understand the paradigm of how life works.
Uncover our innate spiritual nature.
Be in life with more ease, joy and authenticity

2019 Student Testimonials

Hear directly from students of our 2019 Facilitator's Training on their experience and the outcomes they achieved.

What have you got from the training?

Some of the 2019 students talk about the main things they got from the training including personal, client and business transformations, as well some beautiful deep messages of love

Confidence to teach/facilitate

Some of the 2019 students talk about their new found confidence to share and how it’s helping them personally and professionally. A survey at the start and end of the course showed a 400% increase in confidence to coach/facilitate!

Personal Transformations

Some of our students talk about their own personal transformations during the training. A survey at the start and end of the training showed an average of a 30% increase with mental health, 55% reduction in stress and a 45% increase in life connection.

Business Development

The 2019 students talk about how the training practically helped their business, from learning technical expertise, and the one to one business development coaching.

Rudi and Jules as teachers

The 2019 students talk about Rudi and Jules a teachers and facilitators of the program, and the impact they have had.
"I have gone from being burned out and exhausted to creating my own practice helping others. I would never have believed it was possible to feel so alive."
Ann Ross
International Speaker and Coach
"As a therapist and coach I find I'm achieving greater impact and results for my clients. I experience more love, joy and creativity than I ever imagined, and it feels effortless!"
Laurence Knott
Transformational Coach and Therapist

Full Course Details

This course will have a number of different units that build on one another to complete the training

Business Development

We offer one to one mentoring specifically around your business, helping you with all the website, social media and technical skills you need to create a successful and lucrative business


The training involves five full weekends and a number of monthly webinars. This exposure gives a quantum leap in uncovering a deeper sense of peace within and clarity on the understanding

Coaching Practicum

Observe real life one to one coaching sessions with others, as well as a bank of recorded client sessions to help you clarify ‘how’ to share the understanding with clients as a coach, therapist or just kind family member!

Past Event Access

Access to the biggest library of principle based resources in the world! Over 30 different practitioners (including Dr Dicken Bettenger and Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe) and over 150 Hrs of edited professional footage!

Facilitator's Masterclass

We will be giving ‘masterclasses’ around teaching the understanding including: How to share to corporate clients, school children, health professionals etc. Advice on ‘what’ to share and why, depending on the population

Live Practicum

During  the training you will be given the opportunity (voluntary) to practice sharing the understanding with others. The best way to get the confidence to share, is to actually do it! We create the space for you to do it!

Students who successfully attend the training units will be awarded a Facilitators Certificate.
"Life just became easier and more effortless, in all areas of my life. I started to open up to the possibility that life could really be light, fun and actually full of love. I found it easier to make decisions, I worried less, and started to laugh more! With facilitating you are not told what to do or how to do it, but rather you are supported to find your own voice and in your own way."
Mandy Spray
International Speaker and Coach

2020 Student Video Testimonials


Author, Speaker & Coach

‘By implementing the business skills I learnt on the training I am getting clients, work and visibility. I have now got the confidence to write a book, I am presenting to big groups of people, and getting work from publishing my podcasts. The course connected me to an inner-wisdom that has allowed me to feel free in life, have more peace of mind, and attract more clients for my business.’


Transformational Coach

I was confused about non-duality and the three principles. This program got rid of the confusion and I now see it as one whole understanding and feel completely comfortable talking about it.

I was so bad at the technical side of business and actually afraid of it all! Then coming on the training I learnt step by step what I needed to run a business and now actually enjoy it! I feel confident to put myself out there and confident in my ability to help others.


Speaker Coach & Trainer

This course gave me clarity; the kind of clarity that I could instantly convert into action with a clear direction. I have developed relationships and collaborations that I have put into action for my own business.
I have stopped beating myself up for being human. I am less judgmental of myself and others. I can make future goals, but finally be very present in the moment; this allows a richness and enjoyment in life—just where I am now.

2020 Student Video Testimonials


Author, Therapist & Coach

I have gone from a 2/10 to a 9/10 in feeling confident to coach/facilitate! The practice facilitating has been priceless and I have never in my life experienced such an expansiveness—it was life altering!

Throughout the entire training you feel so loved, so held, so supported, so safe, and you are never judged. Jules and Rudi just embody pure love.


Tai Chi & Chi Gung Instructor & Coach

It really struck me how much Rudi and Jules love their students, are pulling for us and want us to succeed. It wasn’t an ego thing, just a massive genuine desire. That is pretty rare to have two teachers who don’t tell you what to believe, but help you become more of who you are. And in knowing who you are—you become more effective at what you want to do!


Author, Coach & Therapist

To have a marketing professional (Jules) who knows you, your website and your market and gives you a complete and wholistic overview and advice on your business has been really helpful! I have also gained confidence to coach/facilitate in the moment from insight without having to plan anything.

I no longer worry or anticipate the future, I find myself much more in the present because my mind is a lot quieter and I just flow with life rather than previously ‘micromanaging’ every little thing!

Why Train With Us?

It has been life changing for our students, they live more in a state of love and they are able to not just articulate this state but be able to create an ethical and sustainable business around doing what they love doing.

What Others Have Said...

Here are a few testimonials from our 2019 facilitator students, just 2 months into the program! For video stories, click here.

"What I notice is the effortless nature of how lifelong patterns of limiting beliefs can drop away."
Debbie Milam
Author & International Speaker
"To join this training was the best decision I have made in 60 years! I am getting immense personal and professional benefit from Rudi and Jules."
John Verhoeckx​
Mental health professional
"ʻGoing homeʼ are not just words anymore, but absolute truth and knowing. I'm soaking up all the love that is a constant since starting, even when everything is mayhem."
Kim Davis
Medical office professional
"This course is overflowing with value and useful resources, comprehensive, and applicable to all different facets of sharing this understanding with others."
Chris Davis
I.T. Professional
"I have been noticing changes in my life and the impact this is having on my peace of my mind without any effort on my part."
Yvonne Hayes
"This training has made an elusive teaching tangible, to experience it as an embodied learning and how to find your own voice to articulate itʼs impact."
Beth Soderstrom

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2020 Student Video Testimonials


Coach & Business Director

I am much more tolerant, have more empathy, and my mind is clearer, because I saw the nature of my mind. Now it has more space and I feel more peaceful- it is such a nicer space to be!

Rudi and Jules give you there heart, you feel part of a family, its a loving, holding place to be, I feel they are my best friends- I am welling up now . . .!


Therapist Healer & Coach

I was so surprised how an on-line course can be so impactful, how connected you feel, how palpable the energy has been. It was literally like sitting in the same physical room as everyone else!

I got such a deep understanding of the nature of the human experience that I don’t worry about the future any more. I don’t worry about my children anymore like I used to, I know they have everything they need inside them. I feel calmer, freer, more peaceful and at ease in life.


I have been around this understanding since the early days and I don’t like entrenched paths, so what you (Rudi and Jules) are doing is what I have been waiting for. You create your own path with this understanding and don’t follow the well worn path, for this I will forever be grateful, to me it’s about love and you both embody this.

Previous Participant Transformational Stories

Videos that past participants have made outlining their story and experience with our certification program

Tess' Story

Alan's Personal Change

Essi's Personal Change

Sarah's Story

NOTE: These videos were taken under our previous business ‘Innate Wellbeing.’

If you are interested in joining our training please get in contact with Rudi and Jules at: juleskennard@innateevolution.com to arrange a time for a free call.

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