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2021 Facilitator Certification Training

Join Rudi and Jules Kennard for an eight-month deep dive into the the nature of experience helping you embody the understanding, and grow your business while learning to clearly articulate something that transforms the lives of others

The nature of experience online facilitator training will take a small group of people on a nine month exportation into the nature of consciousness and the logic of how experience works. This training is not so much about ‘how’ to teach the principles but more about teaching ‘from’ the principles. It’s a space or resonance.

This training is ideally suited to coaches, therapists, and specific business populations, as well as for anyone who wishes to deepen their own understanding.

We have been training people to become principle based facilitators for seven years. The outcomes attendees report are:

  • Feeling confident when sharing the principles to groups and one to one clients.
  • Embodying a deeper sense of personal wellbeing and peace of mind.
  • Know how to start and make their business a success, or advance and existing one.
  • Obtaining greater clarity on the nature of how the human experience actually works.
  • Having the ability to talk about the three principles, even to family members, but maybe get their permission first!

Your Facilitators

Rudi Kennard

Jules Kennard

'Within a year of completing the 2019 training' . . .

Here are a few testimonials from some of our previous attendees

'Within a year of the training I created a program that touched 1400 children, and recorded a video program for the public broadcast channel’

Within a year of finishing the training I had the confidence and expertise to run a program for 1400 children and 75 teachers, start the ‘Wise Minds project’, and record a comprehensive on-line video program to the public broadcasting network. The training I experienced with Rudi and Jules enabled me to reach beyond my personal limitations and create from the infinite source of divine intelligence. What a joyful, fulfilling journey it has been!

‘Due to this training I am now earning a living from something I love doing!’

Within a year of finishing the training I saw an uplift in my income, and I attracted more clients. The practical business support & knowledge in this training has now helped me earn a living from something I love doing!

'The program gave me the skills and confidence to actually earn a full time living from being a coach and working with parents and children’

Since I completed my training with Innate Evolution, my business has transformed in ways I could not have imagined. Rudi enabled me to feel confident as a coach and in what I have to say. Alongside this, Jules helped me to market myself in a credible and honest way which speaks to my clients. Since then I have built up Realisation Works, understood my ‘niche’ market, enhanced the promotion of my book and established a podcast series. The program gave me the skills and confidence to actually earn a full time living from being a coach and working with parents and children and I am growing into being seen as an important voice for parents and young people.

Facilitating the three principles:
An overview of our training

This is a recording of a webinar we did specifically about our facilitator training. We answer questions and go deeper into the training and what is offered.

NEW for 2021

March Weekend Date in-person!

The March 2021 training weekend will be in person with us here in Hawaii! If you can’t join us you are welcome to live stream in – you just won’t get to swim with giant sea turtles and dolphins nor hang out with us on a white sand beach bathed in sun!

Everything you need to run a business!

On-line Diary: Clients can book with you on-line.
Take Payments: Clients can pay you for your services on-line.
Grow your list: The ability to collect and collate new email to a list
Automatic Reminders: Your clients get automatic reminders of their sessions.
Testimonials: Let people know how good you are at that you do!
E-commerce: Sell on-line products/services with coupon codes!

Blog: Let people know what you have been up to.
Q and A page: Help others get to know you!

Everything you need to know to get clients!

We help you set up a business FaceBook Page, and know what to do with it!
We give you training (voluntary) on:
How to get get visible
How to attract clients
Using different social media platforms
How to find, create and promote your business
How to create content (video, images, blogs, products)
How to record great looking videos of yourself
How to use email lists
How to brand yourself and what to call yourself

Everything you need to know about facilitating!

Real life and live one to one coaching demonstrations.
Practice giving one to ones.
Practice presenting the understanding live, to other people.
Facilitating from a ‘space’.
Working with different populations/groups.
Sharing the understanding in a ‘neutral’ way.
Sharing the understanding to family and friends.
Working within businesses.
Coming from an authentic and human space.

Embodying what you are facilitating

Five weekend courses.
Nine one to one mentoring sessions.
Monthly embodiment webinars.
Peer connection webinars.
Unite the personal with the universal as one.
Understand the paradigm of how life works.
Uncover our innate spiritual nature.
Be in life with more ease, joy and authenticity

2019 Student Testimonials

Hear directly from students of our 2019 Facilitator's Training on their experience and the outcomes they achieved.

What have you got from the training?

Some of the 2019 students talk about the main things they got from the training including personal, client and business transformations, as well some beautiful deep messages of love

Confidence to teach/facilitate

Some of the 2019 students talk about their new found confidence to share and how it’s helping them personally and professionally. A survey at the start and end of the course showed a 400% increase in confidence to coach/facilitate!

Personal Transformations

Some of our students talk about their own personal transformations during the training. A survey at the start and end of the training showed an average of a 30% increase win mental health, 55% reduction in stress and a 45% increase in life connection

Business Development

The 2019 students talk about how the training practically helped their business, from learning technical expertise, and the one to one business development coaching.

Rudi and Jules as teachers

The 2019 students talk about Rudi and Jules a teachers and facilitators of the program, and the impact they have had.
"I have gone from being burned out and exhausted to creating my own practice helping others. I would never have believed it was possible to feel so alive."
Ann Ross
International Speaker and Coach
"As a therapist and coach I find I'm achieving greater impact and results for my clients. I experience more love, joy and creativity than I ever imagined, and it feels effortless!"
Laurence Knott
Transformational Coach and Therapist

Full Course Details

This course will have a number of different units that build on one another to complete the training

Business Development

We offer one to one mentoring specifically around your business, helping you with all the website, social media and technical skills you need to create a successful and lucrative business


The training involves five full weekends and a number of monthly webinars. This exposure gives a quantum leap in uncovering a deeper sense of peace within and clarity on the understanding

Coaching Practicum

Observe real life one to one coaching sessions with others, as well as a bank of recorded client sessions to help you clarify ‘how’ to share the understanding with clients as a coach, therapist or just kind family member!

Past Event Access

Access to the biggest library of principle based resources in the world! Over 30 different practitioners (including Dr Dicken Bettenger and Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe) and over 150 Hrs of edited professional footage!

Facilitator's Masterclass

We will be giving ‘masterclasses’ around teaching the understanding including: How to share to corporate clients, school children, health professionals etc. Advice on ‘what’ to share and why, depending on the population

Live Practicum

During  the training you will be given the opportunity (voluntary) to practice sharing the understanding with others. The best way to get the confidence to share, is to actually do it! We create the space for you to do it!

Students who successfully attend the training units will be awarded a Facilitators Certificate.
"Life just became easier and more effortless, in all areas of my life. I started to open up to the possibility that life could really be light, fun and actually full of love. I found it easier to make decisions, I worried less, and started to laugh more! With facilitating you are not told what to do or how to do it, but rather you are supported to find your own voice and in your own way."
Mandy Spray
International Speaker and Coach

What You'll Learn

You will learn to articulately share the nature of experience, be able to create a business around it, and best of all, embody a deeper sense of resilience, peace of mind and connection to a resonance behind life that allows you to live more in a state of love.

Weekend #1

February 6 - 7


This weekend gives a foundation to the ‘inside-out’ nature of the human experience, the 100% constant of how human experience is created in the moment. We look at the 100% constant that ‘we’ arise from a deeper order of potential thats is boundless but also has the power to create. We will start taking this from a concept to a deeper knowing that has practically profound implications for day to day life.

Weekend #2

March 20 - 21
In Hawaii or Virtual


This weekend takes the learning from the ‘foundation’ level and unites all psychological theories, mind technologies, spiritual teachings, coaching practices and the three principles to one unified, simple and self evident understanding. It will add clarity, and depth to how the human experience works, and clearly shares how breakthroughs and transformations are possible and where and how they arise.

Weekend #3

May 15 - 16


We will focus on being presence, connecting and deep listening with our clients and more importantly with ourselves. Then get in touch with our inner presence to help steer and bring us into alignment with our true nature and direction personally and professionally. This gives us a ‘spiritual clarity’ on trusting the inner instincts to guide us, and clarity on where our experience is coming from and how to share this with others.

Weekend #4

July 10-11


An overview of everything the course has covered and turning the ideas and concepts into an embodied and deep understanding that moves, guides and inspires us. Taking the understanding from the ‘head to the heart’ and living via our inner presence beyond the conditioned mind. This ‘space’ within is then transferable to others whether thats professional clients or family members/ loved ones.

Weekend #5

August 14-15


As well as the voluntary webinars throughout the course, this weekend will exclusively be the students turn to practice facilitating to the group, on a number of topics and a chance to co- present with others and share their understanding.

Why Train With Us?

It has been life changing for our students, they live more in a state of love and they are able to not just articulate this state but be able to create an ethical and sustainable business around doing what they love doing.

What Others Have Said...

Here are a few testimonials from our 2019 facilitator students, just 2 months into the program! For video stories, click here.

"What I notice is the effortless nature of how lifelong patterns of limiting beliefs can drop away."
Debbie Milam
Author & International Speaker
"To join this training was the best decision I have made in 60 years! I am getting immense personal and professional benefit from Rudi and Jules."
John Verhoeckx​
Mental health professional
"ʻGoing homeʼ are not just words anymore, but absolute truth and knowing. I'm soaking up all the love that is a constant since starting, even when everything is mayhem."
Kim Davis
Medical office professional
"This course is overflowing with value and useful resources, comprehensive, and applicable to all different facets of sharing this understanding with others."
Chris Davis
I.T. Professional
"I have been noticing changes in my life and the impact this is having on my peace of my mind without any effort on my part."
Yvonne Hayes
"This training has made an elusive teaching tangible, to experience it as an embodied learning and how to find your own voice to articulate itʼs impact."
Beth Soderstrom

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Participant Stories

Videos that past participants have made outlining their story and experience with our certification program

Tess' Story

Alan's Personal Change

Essi's Personal Change

Sarah's Story

NOTE: These videos were taken under our previous business ‘Innate Wellbeing.’

If you are interested in joining our training please get in contact with Rudi and Jules at: to arrange a time for a free call.

We offer two ways to train as a coach/facilitator with us, the live training (this page) or the ‘Facilitator Auditing’ self study program HERE

For people wanting to get the full benefit we hands down recommend the live training. There is a big difference between the two trainings, however, if finances are limited or you are unable to commit to live dates, then the abridged version of this training may be for you.