Finding Home Through Loss

3 Webinar Series

2019 TBA
7 PM UK / 2 PM EST/ 11 AM PST

Join Us For A Powerful Series On Loss

Loss, whether thats the end of a beautiful marriage or relationship or the loss of someone we love physically in our lives like a parent or child can be hard to deal with and cause a lot of suffering and life re-adjustment.

This webinar series offers comfort and hope to people who have suffered or are suffering loss to not just ‘survive’ loss, but her able to authentically ‘live’ through loss and find home and love within, without the other person or people in our lives.

Person in Winter Scene, Innate Evolution, UK

This profoundly life changing webinar series will be presented by two people who have had severe loss in their personal lives and have not just been surviving but thriving as their hearts didn’t break, but stretched to a deeper order of potential and into the heart of life.

Rudi Kennard, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK

Rudi Kennard, lost both his parents and more recently the loss of a marriage he thought was as solid as rock, and has found incredible peace of mind, forgiveness and a deeper love for life by understanding a simple ‘missing link’ to the nature of the human experience.

Jules, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK

Jullianne Del-Cano Milstead, lost her fiancé to a car crash, her father to cancer, her beautiful daughter to a road accident and lost her son to a custody battle. Julianne or ‘Jules’ had a spontaneous insight that helped her surf these life circumstances with incredible love and authenticity, and she has been inspiring others to do the same since 2014.

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Jules' Shares Her Story Of Loss

This webinar series will not try to ‘positive think’ our ways out of low moods, give us things to follow or steps to take, nor will it take us back to the past. It will share a simple understanding of the nature of human experience that naturally brings us to the present and eradicates an enormous amount of personal suffering.

Webinar 1: Thriving and not just surviving

We look at uncovering the ‘missing link’ to the human experience: Understanding how our experience of loss is created. How a profoundly practical understanding can help alleviate an enormous amount of suffering, not by denying or ‘doing’ anything to our experiences or our minds, but by understanding the nature of it.

Webinar 2: Psychological immune system

 We look at how our resilience can get covered over causing feelings of isolation, exclusion orbeing ‘different’ to others. This webinar seeks to open our selves back up to a feeling within that nurtures, protects and helps us heal. In a sense it kick starts our psychological immune system and enables a deep healing process that allows us to not suffer our suffering so much.

Webinar 3: Moving past the past

We look at how understanding this ‘missing link’ naturally points us in the direction of forgiveness, and a surrender to what is happening or has happened in life but also allows us to be proactive. As we stop ‘fighting reality’ we see accept things as they are propelling us into the moment which opens up enormous potential for new ideas and to move past the past.

Topics Covered:

  • Moving past the past
  • Reduce suffering (anger, hatred, fear, sadness) Increases proactivity
  • Learn something profoundly helpful about our minds that we take with us after the series finishes
  • Re-connection with our authentic self
  • Laugh and have fun in life again!

What You receive:

  • Access to three live webinars
  • Recordings of three webinars
  • Audio mp3 files of three webinars


Nov. 9th, 16th, 23rd,  2018
7 PM UK / 1 PM EST/ 10 AM PST


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