Episode 31 FNL: The beginning of the end of self Judgement!

Episode 31 FNL: The beginning of the end of self Judgement!

Finally we are back with our first ‘Friday Night Live’ -Simple wisdom for living well! This week we talk about self judgement and share a perspective that helps us stop being so judgmental of ourselves! We have had so much interested around this topic that we are doing a day course on this as a 15 minute video can only do so much! Details on the day course ‘The end of self judgement: Our wholeness of being: here: https://innateevolution.com/end-of-self-judgement-event/ and our book: Wholality the missing link to love: link is here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092LC1PBM?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420

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6 thoughts on “Episode 31 FNL: The beginning of the end of self Judgement!”

  1. Clare Christopher

    I so needed to listen to this. I was having a contracted perception at work yesterday which was impacting me today. After watching your video I feel I have been able to let go of the negative judgement that I was having about myself. Thank you for being you. Clare xx

    1. Hello Beautiful Clare!!! Thank you for being YOU!!!! Thank you so much for your comment and sharing you experience!!

  2. Created a beautiful feeling with this video and a gentle reminder: let’s beeb and bob, let’s jig and jag. In my stuffiest British accent, “We are just humans, humaning.” YES! Love the special effects and I think my favorite was Jules coming up with bumblebees! Delightful ūüôā

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