How To Work With Clients & Groups

Extensive Training


This video course is for anyone who wants to learn how to coach, teach or facilitate with clients & groups.

And for existing coaches who would like to: 

Gain more clarity around coaching
Be more creative in how to be of service
Inspire more impact and transformation

...about this course

750 minutes professional coach/facilitator training

Eight different modules:

Module 1: Getting clarity on what you are teaching or coaching
Module 2: Separating what you are teaching from what you are not
Module 3: The essence of facilitating/coaching
Module 4: Styles of teaching/facilitating
Module 5: Listening to clients from an intuitive essence
Module 6: Practical demonstration of giving one to ones
Module 7: How to create course curriculums
Module 8: How to present to different populations

450 minutes of course videos and
300 minutes of one-to-one demonstration footage.
750 minutes in total 

Live video demonstrations

Real-life coaching demonstration
This course presents ‘real-life’ one-to-one coaching session examples for you to observe. We also help the viewer uncover their ‘listening’ ability to work with clients from an intuitive essence rather than from form and concepts.

Real-life facilitating demonstrations
There are numerous examples of giving presentations, so the viewer can observe different teaching and coaching styles.

Real-life advice and results
We give practical exercises so the viewer can uncover what to call themselves, what to charge, and discern what kind of coaching style best suits them. We also present exercises and advice around how to create course curriculums. This allows the viewer to know how to create text and media to sell their courses, and form a structure when working with groups of different populations.


Video & Audio


750 Minutes



a bit about the trainers

Based in Hawaii, Rudi and Jules are the originators of ‘Wholality®’ and authors of the book’ Wholality®: The Missing Link to Love’. They run an accredited training academy and between them have given trainings in over a dozen countries to Government Departments, Universities, Fortune 100 companies, Centers for Domestic Violence, the U.K. National Health Service and their free resources have reached over a million people. After their own direct ‘expanded’ experiences of consciousness they now help others find home within.


It makes the understanding tangible, real and relevant to different populations.

Fiona Jacobs

The war with ‘what modality shall I use with clients’ is finally over! It’s all so whole I am at peace. 

Ella Evans

It has helped me put words to things I had seen but could previously not put words to!

Anthony Donataccio

Before this training I couldn’t explain the understanding, but this course has calmed me down and makes it so simple and clear I can finally articulate it relevant to who I am with or the group I am talking to.

Claire Holland

I have now dropped ‘getting it right’ or ‘how to do it’ and fall back into a deeper way to listen and coach. It has allowed me to exercise my right to be as creative as I like!

Sarah Swanton

Before the training I could not talk about the understanding at all. Now I can! Before the training I could not imagine facilitating the understanding. Now I can! I am so excited about it! I think I can even do it justice!

Liz Gallagher

Jacquie Mose

This training has allowed me to speak to any population no matter what profession or region of consciousness the population is in. I can see how the three principles, non-duality and the law of attraction all fit into the Whole and how I no longer need to exclude anything. I can now go back into the world but talk to a wider community and be fully inclusive. 

Tony Coleman

I love the ‘normalizing’ of it. Getting rid of the jargon, the expert, the process, the strategy, peeling it all away and just fully ‘seeing’ the person, respecting the client for who they are fully in the moment.

Karen Evanoff

I feel more peace than I have had in most of my life. Wholality is the bigger picture, the interconnectedness of all things. I no longer need to convince anybody of anything. It starts with me, then I can share from that place.


Video & Audio


750 Minutes