Igniting our intuitive superpowers

View Jules’ interview on the popular ‘The Other Side NDE channel’ where she talks about her Near Death Experience and coming back to life with a full recollection of the other side.

...TWO Courses in One!
Intuitive Expansion Training & The Power of Two:
bending spacetime

This resource gives you, not just a theoretical understanding, but a direct experience of accelerating, trusting and working with your intuition, and a direct experience of how to create in the form from an inner formless vibration, individually and as a couple.
By using heart opening, and intuitive expanding contemplations, meditations and exercises.

Igniting your intuitive superpowers

Awaken and expand your intuitive intelligence

All of us are born with a ‘gut instinct’ or ‘inner knowing’; some call it intuition.
Some of us may have experienced a transcendent oneness or non-local experience. Others have just followed a hunch not based on any evidence, but it was evident it was the right choice by the impact that hunch had on our lives.

Many of these experiences may have been fleeting, spontaneous, or ungraspable, but what would happen if they didn’t have to be? That we could cultivate them to happen more often and at will?

What would happen if you knew HOW to bridge the gap between material and spiritual reality as one and leverage this to expand the beauty in your life and heart?

On this course you will learn:

• How to expand our heart’s magnetic ‘pull’ on reality to create the life of our dreams
• How to ‘read’ the field of information
• How to increase our vibratory state to expand non-local awareness
• Understand the science of consciousness and the metaphysical
• Understanding what happens after physical death
• Know what to do to cultivate our intuition and inner guidance
• Knowing if you are an ‘empath’ and how to make that work for you

‘This course brought me so much warmth to my heart. I gained such deep understanding of what I have been experiencing after the loss of my son but couldn’t articulate it exactly. They are beautiful people, full of love as they teach with such calmness & clarity. I have come away feeling so enriched by the experience. I want to spend more time learning with them. I highly recommend this most wonderful team.’

Lee Bradford

Who are these courses FOR?

Anyone wanting to be more intuitive or expand their intuition.
Entrepreneurs who wish to tap into a more reliable gut instinct.
Coaches and therapists wishing to use an expanded intelligence to help their clients.
People wanting to ignite more expanded metaphysical experiences.
People who want to develop, listen, and act more intuitively.
People wishing to understand and unify the physical/non-physical and science/spirituality.
Anyone wanting to enhance their joy and wonderment of a full-color life!

Course One Curriculum
Intuitive Expansion

Module 1: The science of consciousness
Module 2: How to cultivate intuition and expanded experiences
Module 3: What happens after physical death
Module 4: How to ‘read’ the field and commune/follow our inner guidance

Who Are We?

We are authors, originators of ‘Wholality®,’ and a married couple who have worked worldwide helping others become more fulfilled in their lives and expand their
consciousness. Our resources have reached an estimated 1 million people.

Jules had a Near Death Experience (NDE), where she experienced the places we go after physical death, then came back to life with a full recollection of what’s on the ‘other side.’ this led to a complete life change and extreme psychic experiences.

As a child, Rudi saw non-physical beings, and at twenty, he had a profound oneness experience that led to becoming a healer, coach, teaching intuitive development, and doing years of voluntary work worldwide with the aim of alleviating human suffering.

Trainer Credentials

View an interview from the ‘Ethereality Channel’ where Jules talks about expanded experiences, intuition and a multi-dimensional reality.


Bending Reality

What would happen if two people in a conscious ‘resonant’ relationship had the power
to break the universe?

That was not just a metaphor. As a married couple, what we have experienced and
learned about the power of two people in harmonic resonance has been so mind-
blowing that we have been scared to talk about it publicly!

Two people in energetic resonance, with awareness, can leverage their fields to:

• Augment their power to create in physical reality from a non-physical vibration
• Expand their perception to experience a wider ‘bandwidth’ of reality
• Expand their vibration to interact with animals and nature
• As a couple, connect and align with one another at a ‘whole’ new level!

Yes we know this all sounds a bit far-fetched or ‘Jedi-like’, and this is one of the
reasons we have not spoken about it. However, with our fear of what people think about
us dropping away, we want others to know how powerful they are and what is possible
within this multi-dimensional reality.

Course 2 Curriculum
The Power Of Two

Module 1: The science of resonance
Module 2: Resonant relationships - Making the impossible possible
Module 3: The art of energetics: The power of two
Module 4: How to cultivate the power of two

I enjoyed going deep down the rabbit hole, exploring our multi-dimensional universe, and applying the knowledge in practical exercises right then and there.
It is always such a joy to be in the loving presence of Jules and Rudi: It helps me to open up to inspiration and new insights. And simply feeling that I am in the right place, at the right time.
Thank you!

Verena Debnar

What you GET

Lifetime access to the courses
Viewable on any device, even off-line
These courses include ‘experiential’ resources including meditations, contemplations, and exercises that expand our perception, open our heart and calms the mind.

This course is not ‘all profound with no real-life practical application.’
We are running it because it is practically helpful for ‘real life.’ As a parent, as an entrepreneur, as a coach/therapist, as a human being.

new life sign

outcomes of BOTH Courses

Outcomes Of previous students on understanding the art of energetics.

• Tell the difference between intuitive guidance and mind chatter
• Learn how to use your intuition in decision-making
• A deeper, richer experience of life
• Start having ‘expanded’ consciousness experiences
• Learn a regular practice that cultivates and expands our intuition
• Lose the fear of physical death
• Understand the multi-dimensional nature of life
• Expand our creator-being-ness results in our physical lives
• A HUGE expansion of our energetic power and life fulfillment in relationships

What this IS

A reminder that whatever system, understanding, religion, or philosophy you may follow, or not, you are a powerful spiritual being temporarily held within time and space, but also how we have the innate gifts to experience outside of time and space.

It gives a broader experience of ‘reality.’ that helps us navigate difficult circumstances, follow our inner guidance, find solutions to problems via having a more ‘zoomed out’ perspective,
connect deeper with ourselves, our partners, and indeed life itself.

In essence, it is an expansion of compassion and igniting a love for life. 

What this is NOT

Trying to transcend the human experience.
Nope, it embraces all of the experiences, the downs and the ups as all part of life.

Learning a bunch of new shiny spiritual beliefs.
Nope, this is not teaching you a belief system, but a dissolving of beliefs that triggers a natural expansion of awareness.

Teaching you a new philosophy.
Nope, it’s more of a reminder of our innate nature and how powerful we already are within creation- as we become aware of this natural power within.

‘Woo woo’ and ‘out there.’
Nope, it is backed by modern science (and our direct experiences),
it is not theoretical it is embodied and we weave the science of consciousness within everything we say and share.

Investment & BONUS

Courses 1 & 2
Igniting Your Intuitive Superpower
Power of Two: bending spacetime

$ 197
one-time payment
  • £153.00

BONUS $50 Gift:
Receive a FREE product on ‘8 Talks on Inner Freedom: Igniting Contentment and Inner Expansion.

8 Talks on Inner Freedom course

‘Through this course and tutorage from Rudi and Jules, I find myself spontaneously having oneness experiences and enjoying a depth of presence and love for myself and life I have never experienced before.’

Julian Mann

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