Releasing Trauma

Online Course

Introduction to understanding and releasing trauma

This course is for anyone who feels that they may have trauma held in their body and wish to move through it and integrate it with loving awareness.

What this is NOT about:

We don’t dig up the past
We don’t ‘look’ for inner pain
We don’t regress you back to the past
We don’t get you to think about your hurts
We don’t get you to ‘change’ how you perceive the past
We don’t use cognition or thinking, but go deeper to bodily sensations

What this IS about:

With loving awareness we open a communion with our bodies and learn to listen to what is showing up, it’s often hidden messages. In this neutral communion, previously vilified, ignored, or hidden ‘parts’ of ourselves can be lovingly held, accepted, and integrated.
In essence, we become ‘whole’. No longer estranged from our bodies, where ‘all’ of us are unconditionally loved and accepted.

Is this for you?

Have you had physical, emotional or physical symptoms/behaviors that you just cant seem to resolve or control? Have you tried many approaches and understandings but they just didn’t help long-term? Do you have a suspicion that ‘it’s just your thinking’ is just not working for you and sense something deeper that needs to be addressed or revealed? In this course we go deeper to the root cause and solution to what may have been eluding us most of our lives.

The effects of trauma may include:

Physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, tightness and sometimes pain in the body, muscle tension, digestion challenges, and constrictions around the breath.

Emotional symptoms such as flatness/inability to feel, fear, anxiety, panic,  overwhelm, loss of choice, difficulty feeling comforted, anger, and shame.

Psychological symptoms such as dissociation, mental rumination, low self-worth, brain fog, negative self-talk, self-blame, memory challenges, depression, and loss of interest in activities.

Relational / Social symptoms such as isolation, loneliness, relational and attachment reenactments.

Trauma can lead to feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, and groundlessness. It interferes with our ability to feel real in body and mind, disrupts our sense of existence, and takes us away from the present moment.

How to heal

We will use the ‘bottom up’ approach (including the body and nervous system in experience) within the understanding of Wholality, which is a Spiritual, bio-physical, psychological approach.

We will work with you to help you understand how trauma affects our feelings/emotions/ thinking and indeed our spirituality, and how to move through, integrate and find freedom from, often, life-long symptoms that can arise as automatic emotional and behavioral reactions or bodily symptoms.

‘Whole’ results of previous attendees

“Before the training, I craved something outside of me to ‘give’ me peace or recognition, leading to staying in unhealthy relationships, and needing others to like me. I had fits of anger and anxiety leading to being suspended from my job.
After the training I am no longer in unhealthy, but healthy relationships, I don’t need anything from anything or anyone outside of me. I finally feel love for myself, I feel worthy and this is trickling down to my son and every area of my life.”
Heidi Wodehouse, Nurse practitioner

“Before the training I had no idea that I was living in my head, and not in touch with deeper feelings in my body like love, gratitude, appreciation and caring. I ʻthoughtʼ I was experiencing them but the course opened my heart based emotions and truly helped me love ʻallʼ of me. Now my previous low moods of anxiety and depression now have very little impact on my wellbeing, and now I am ‘open’ I am experiencing more intuition, an appreciation of life and an aliveness all around me and in my body.”
Hilda Rhodes, Coach

“Before the training I had life-long crippling anxiety and self-judgment, so much so I couldn’t leave the house, I would often sink down into depression and self-loathing. I had tried so many things to feel better with no luck. Then on the training Jules introduced myself to the root cause of my suffering and through the body I started to love ‘all’ of me. Now I feel free, I can leave the house, I no longer have the anxiety I used to and I feel whole, worthy, and complete.”
Michelle Sternbuch

“Before the training, I felt ‘stuck’ I had eating disorders, depression, couldn’t laugh, couldn’t cry, hated myself, and felt invisible and unheard. After the training, I can truly say hand on heart that I love myself now- all of me. I feel free, seen, heard, and worthy- just from the fact that I am alive. I have my ups and down but I no longer get freaked out in the downs and see it as natural in embracing ALL of the human experience.”
Alys Daly

Whats included in this course?

• 240 minutes of step by step tutorials and courses and 180 minutes of extra resources around trauma and wholeness.
• These edited videos taking you step by step in understanding the nature of trauma, how it
• expresses in our cognition, feelings, emotions, body, energy systems and behaviors.
• Then, with understanding, we go deeper into our own inner worlds to lovingly integrate all of ourselves back to a wholeness of being.
• Also included is a bank of resources with meditations, and exercises to help promote sleep, loving oneself and calming the mind.
• You will have life-time access to these video resources, including the exercises and practices that help us sleep, calm the mind and feel better within.


One-time Payment

$ 197
  • £153.00

What happens once I register?

You will receive an email with all the links to access your course.

View on any device on or off-line!

  •  Download the app and view on the move, or just watch on your home desktop computer
  • Watch the videos and listen to the audios without being on-line!
  • Listen to the audios with your phone screen off
  • Your personal access to peace of mind in your pocket and wherever you go- even with out any internet connection

Who Are We?

We are a married couple, authors and entrepreneurs. Jules learned the ‘Polyvagal’ theory directly from Dr. Stephen Porges and we have partnered with the Polyvagal Institute on joint projects.
Rudi originally trained in many modalities including Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Psychology then qualified and trained others in Mindfulness Meditation, Reiki, Chi Gong, the Three Principles and Non-Duality.
Together we are authors, and international speakers, and run an accredited training academy based in Hawaii and between us have given well over 3000 personal mentoring/one-to-one client sessions.

Trainer Credentials

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