Video Library

Below is a collection of hundreds of hours of videos to help you grow and deepen your understanding of the human experience.
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Innate Evolution Channel

Watch talks. blogs and training videos of Rudi and Jules Kennard from Innate Evolution talk about topics from relationships and love to non-duality.


Watch a series of videos around the nature of the human experience, followed by short animations on topics within the series.

Three Principles Talks

Watch training, conference, and presentation talks of three principles facilitators from all over the world. A great way to get a broad view of the understanding.

Facilitator Interviews

Watch dozens of international facilitators share their view on how we psychologically work, how our experience is created and the nature of consciousness.

Transformational Stories

Watch the stories of beautiful souls who have overcome things like trauma, depression, addictions and how anything is possible when we re-connect to the power within.

Multi Language

View numerous speakers talk in different languages around the nature of the human experience, from Russian and Spanish to Nepalli.


View a collage of over a dozen people answer questions like: 'What are the three principles’ to ‘How do I quiet my mind?’ and many more.

Documentaries / TV Shows

Watch short documentaries of the results of the understanding in different communities and facilitators talking about the understanding on different TV shows,

Cool Stuff

A collection of videos from around the web pointing to transformation and evolution.